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SMSR - Casing Width
SMSR - Fulcrum Mounting Hole Centres
SMSR - Fulcrum Mounting Hole Diameter
SMSR - Fulcrum Thickness
SMSR - Fulcrum Width
SMSR - Housing to Edge of Output Hub Collar
SMSR - Horizontal Distance Of Output And Input Shaft Centres
SMSR - Input Shaft Diameter
SMSR - Input Shaft Keyway
SMSR - Input Shaft Length
SMSR - Input Shaft Cover To Centreline
SMSR - Machine To Fulcrum Hole centre
SMSR - Main Housing Width
SMSR - Maximum Torque Arm Length
SMSR - Minimum Torque Arm Length
SMSR - Min Distance For Bushing Screw Removal
SMSR - Output Hub Collar To End Of Input Shaft
SMSR - Output And Input Shaft Centres at 90 Degrees
SMSR - Output Hub Collar to Centreline
SMSR - Output Hub Collar Diameter
SMSR - Output Hub Key
SMSR - Output Shaft Centre To Top Of Torque Arm Mount
SMSR - Overall Casing Height
SMSR - Ratio
SMSR - Size
SMSR - Standard Output Shaft Dia.
SMSR - Torque Arm Extension Length
SMSR - Total Distance Thro.
SMSR - Torque Arm Mount To Casing Centreline
SMSR - Turnbuckle Length
SMSR - Vertical Distance Casing Top To Output Shaft Centre
SMSR - Vertical Distance Of Output And Input Shaft Centres
SMSR - Weight Double Reduction Unit - kgf
SMSR - Weight Single Reduction Unit - kgf